I am having a very yellow lunch today: banana, mango, and a yellow bell pepper. And I was going to have grilled pineapple, too, but I left it at home. Color! Yes, I could live purely off of fruit and vegetables (so long as dark chocolate counted as a vegetable).

Guion and I finished watching “The House of Flying Daggers” last night and it was exquisite. SO dramatic and beautiful. Ziyi Zhang has to be one of the most gorgeous women alive, too. I told Guion I generally hate films filled with fight scenes, but these fight scenes are more like dances than anything else.

I met a girl at our church on Sunday night (a fourth-year veterinary student in London) who is working this summer studying Joel Salatin’s chickens at Polyface Farm. I was, simply, jealous. I love what their website says: “We are in the redemption business.” Wendell Berry would love these people. Practicing resurrection all day long.

One thought on “Yellow

  1. Of course dark chocolate is a major veggie. Anyone who believes otherwise is probably a chronic troublemaker.

    I like the links to newe parts of your world.

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