I’m behind

So. I found this list today during lunch. Someone was crazy enough to type it up. I’ve seen the book before, and flipped through it rather nonchalantly, only a touch overwhelmed.

But then I decided to actually look at it, and so during lunch, I marked what I have read. I was a little depressed. I’ve only read 169 on this list. 169! I don’t know if anyone could actually read this entire list before they died, though. Maybe not even that lady who reads 365 books in a year. (But she makes me tired just thinking about her. Even though I envy her leisure.)

The chronological dispersion of my reading is somewhat skewed, as Guion pointed out. I’ve only read three books from the 21st century on this list. Yet I’ve read nearly 60 from the 1800s.  I guess that’s how it goes when you’re an English major.

At the same time, however, I feel rather content with my own reading list (see above). I made it myself, it interests me, and I don’t feel pressured to read 1,001 books right away. In fact, the one thing that I resent somewhat about this list is, first, its Anglo-American bias (although Haruki Murakami is on there quite a few times, and the Russians, of course), and second, its predilection to just include the entire bibliography of one author. I feel like they didn’t really think about these choices, they just said, “Oh, yeah, put everything Philip Roth ever wrote on here. And Bellow, too.”

In other news, my brilliant husband is also starting a side business! We’re such darling entrepreneurs. Are you in need of matchless guitar lessons from a true master? If so, you’re in luck, because Guitar with Guion just launched. Check it out.

Happy weekend, hey?

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