Monday Snax inauguration

Monday Snax with Emily and Catherine

During my junior year, every Monday afternoon, Catherine, Emily, and I would meet in our dorm room and share food and stories. Catherine promptly coined our meeting “Monday Snax,” with the proper spelling. It was arguably one of the better parts of my week, and even became a tag on my Flickr.

In honor of that, I’m creating my own Monday Snax here. While certainly less fun, I’m going to provide a list of interesting things found on the Interwebs throughout the week. Just because.

So, here it goes for today:

MONDAY SNAX, 7.19.10

I Write Like. If you circulate the Blogosphere at all, you’ve probably already stumbled on this link. It’s received quite a bit of attention, and although it’s probably not very accurate, it’s at least very fun. The meme told me that I write like Kurt Vonnegut and David Foster Wallace, both of whom I have never read. Still interesting!

Pantry, Counter, Fridge? Where to store produce for maximum shelf life. (Mint Life Blog) A fabulous and comprehensive list of where you should keep produce to keep it lasting longer. I printed off a copy and stuck it to our fridge, and Guion and I have already been using its tips. Who knew you were supposed to keep asparagus upright with a damp paper towel, as if they were a bouquet of flowers? I didn’t.

Taking a Stand. (Awkward Family Photos) Mainly I love this, because that kid looks like Grace did at that age. And this is a pose she probably would have assumed, too.

Little Known Uses for Fruit Peels, Shells, and Seeds. (Tip Hero) For people trying to live frugally in the kitchen, like us!

Organic groceries on a budget. (Wise Bread)

Hark, a Vagrant! Ben Franklin, Dickens, etc. I’ve found my new favorite source of Interwebs humor. Love this.

The Future of Print. (Booksquare) A really intelligent and thoughtful piece about what will happen to print media, by Kassia Krozser.

Free printable recipe cards. (How About Orange) These are really adorable. If I had a color printer, I’d make dozens of them.

P.S. Unrelated: This is not good. My husband is sending me photos of babies. BABIES. I just want a little bunny. He thinks a baby is a better option. How many ways can I say NO NOT NOW NO NO BUT IT’S ADORABLE THAT YOU LOVE BABIES SO MUCH.

3 thoughts on “Monday Snax inauguration

  1. I got Cory Doctorow, a science fiction author. Ick.

    This is an awesome idea, Abby! You’re the best.

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