Monday Snax

The casualty of a great weekend is that it passes with alarming rapidity. However, Monday is not so bad. Looking forward to this coming weekend, though: Grace and Kelsey are returning from Europe and we’ll be trekking down to Davidson to chill with the fam for a few days. Can’t wait!

I’ve read a lot of fabulous things on the Interwebs this week apparently, so here’s a hearty dose of Snax for you:

Why I’ll Miss a World Where Books Make the First Move. Jamie sent this article to me, and I feel that painful stab of nostalgia for old media when I read it. (Slate)

Now & Then: Redesigned Book Covers. This is one of the main reasons why e-Books are so depressing: We all miss out on the sincerely beautiful and engaging graphic design of book covers. Flavorwire creates a slideshow of some creative redesigns of classic titles. (Flavorwire)

Yo it looks the same as all your other pics. Won’t miss this about college. (Hark, a Vagrant!)

A Country House in Ireland. I’m dying; can we please scrounge up $2.1 million and live here?? (Great Homes and Destinations, The New York Times)

10 Ways to Make Your Marriage Divorce-Proof. A funny piece from comedians Samantha Bee (from The Daily Show) and husband, Jason Jones. Tongue-in-cheek, but as far as I can tell, it’s very sound advice. This one particularly applies to our marriage: “If you’re irritated with your partner, imagine him as a small child.” (Real Simple)

Seals in Love. Do I even have to say anything? (Daily Intel)

Wobble Soup for the Soul. As everyone knows–especially my husband–I am in NO RUSH to bear children. But the first picture of this post makes me melt a little. I can’t wait to carry a baby around in a pashmina/sling. (Ink on My Fingers)

What Makes You Think I Hate the British? In this typewritten letter to a fan on July 25, 1925, Gandhi reminds us that he still rocks. But really, if anyone had license to hate the British, Gandhi and the rest of India did. Wisely, he writes, “That love which is blind is no love.” (Letters of Note)

Japan Has Somehow Misplaced Most of its Extremely Old People. I don’t know if this is funny, sad, or simply indicative of the failings of the Japanese government? (Daily Intel)

Living in Amelie. A Design Sponge feature, in which one of their writers puts together a collage of home decor/fashion items from beautiful films, this one being one of my all-time favorites. The film, that is. (Design Sponge)

Baby Sunday School. Having taught preschoolers at my former church for nearly five years, I can attest that all of this is TOTALLY TRUE. (Stuff Christians Like)

Timmy and Grey. GUION. How can you look at these pictures and tell me that I can’t have bunnies?? HOW?! Do you even have FEELINGS?! (Maura Grace)

Western Diet Kills Good Bugs in Stomach. What little people in third-world countries have to eat is actually better for the human body than all the crap that we Westerners ingest, apparently. Our diet is making us fat and literally killing us. We just have advanced medicine that’s keeping us alive longer than we should be living. Fascinating study. (Take Part)

Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen Most Successful Monkey Performers of All Time. For Angela. (Best Week Ever)

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