Monday Snax

Ah, back from a crazy and fun weekend with the family in Davidson. Quite the whirlwind trip. I think we had a minimum of 12 people in the house at all times. Still, very fun. I just wish it didn’t pass so quickly; I barely even got to snuggle with Grace and Kelsey! The drive home last night was so long and tiring… we got back at 11:20 p.m., unloaded some stuff, and crashed. I was so tired and sickish when I got up at 6 this morning, and even more so when I jumped in the car and it wouldn’t start. One of us left the door open or something last night, and the battery was dead. Ugh. Thankfully, we were able to flag down our sweet neighbor Margaret, who had just come in from a morning run, and get her help to jump the Jeep. I just hope it will start again when I leave today…

When my highly tech-savvy uncle said goodbye to me on Saturday night, this was how he did it: “You know, Kindles are only selling for $139 these days. You have to get one. You have to succumb. (Kiss) See you later.” And I was all, “REALLY, Uncle Rush? REALLY. What a bummer way to bid me farewell.”

Cousin Emily got a ragdoll kitten (named Mocha; admittedly totally adorable, even though I don’t approve of cats) a few weeks ago and even I am totes jealous. I want a pet. Guion says we can get a fish. I’m thinking about it. Fish feel like a cheap cop-out. You can’t snuggle with a fish. You can’t teach it anything or take it on walks to the downtown mall. But they can be pretty, I guess. I think I’d get a betta. They’re like waterborne pieces of art, and they’re pretty hardy, too. We forget to feed Saul Bellow (the fam’s betta) for days at a time, and he’s just hanging in there, swimming around like nothing’s changed.

Snax! Snax! Snax! Just a few pertinent morsels for your day:

Sushi etiquette. A helpful graphic on the true Japanese way to eat sushi. (Source unknown)

Creatures found in sea survey. I don’t think anything is more terrifying–or confirming of God’s creativity–than the bottom of the ocean. (National Geographic)

Writers’ Houses. A site with photos and information about well-known authors’ homes. Pretty interesting. (Writers’ Houses)

In black and white. I don’t really know who this photographer is, or how I found her, but I’m just loving her work. It’s so dreamy and peaceful. (The Hymn for the Cigarettes)

Little Known Uses for Five Common Household Items. I think these lists are the best. I always forget about them after I’ve read them, but it’s still nice to get a refresher on secret purposes for dryer sheets and toothpaste. (Money Crashers)

DIY Project: Drawer-Knob Finials. I’ve been thinking a lot about curtains lately. I definitely want to get some for the house, particularly once it starts getting cooler outside. I’m not sure if we’ll actually do this project or not, but it seems like a good idea. (Design Sponge)

Sarah Palin Doesn’t Want Us to Believe Our Eyes, Her Eyes. Gosh, woman, can’t you just go away? There’s really a point when you can’t blame everything you do on the liberal media. Sometimes your actions–including mocking this woman–just speak for themselves. (Daily Intel)

Lovely Envelopes. How beautiful! I’d love to own any of these. (Thoughtful Day)

Literature’s 10 Best Dressed Characters. Even though it’s an impossible task to narrow this list down to 10, I think I’d pretty much agree with these choices. Love it. (Flavorwire)

Dear Printed Reading Material. I love this sentiment. (THXTHXTHX)

The Oregon Trail: Official Trailer. OMG. Totally played this computer game when I was a kid. I love that someone had the brilliant idea of making a parody “film” about it; so good. “Nobody wants to be the carpenter!” (Flavorwire)

Jackson. This really is the way we should have all learned U.S. history. So funny! (Hark, a Vagrant!)

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