Things I am tired of seeing on the Interwebs:

— “Vintage-themed” engagement shoots (e.g., guy in suspenders with Ray Ban glasses and the girl with a flower in her hair and red lipstick. Standing in a field. Occasionally with paper moustaches and/or a red balloon. Ugh.). I automatically unsubscribe from any blog I’m following that posts one of these photo shoots. SO over it.

—  Stuff that Taylor Momsen is wearing.

— People using the adjective “Mad Men-esque” to describe stuff.

— Blogging about Twitter. Isn’t that silly?

— Bloggers posting photos of babies, followed by comments like: “I could just eat him up!” “I want to snack on his cheeks!” Eew. Gross. Please. Contain yourself. Baby cannibalism is not cute.

Things I will never tire of seeing on the Interwebs:

— Puppies.

— Articles making fun of Sarah Palin.

— Anything that Daily Intel ever does.

— Pretty photography that isn’t trying to make a statement or be anything.

— My friends’ photo-of-the-day Flickrs. Love them to death, particularly since mine ended today! I’m happy to be done, even though I know my mom will be bummed. (Will be posting those last photos sometime tonight.) Don’t be sad, Mom. Who knows? Maybe I’ll take it up again in January. But I’m not making any definite promises.

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