Tuesday Snax, again

Whoops. Totally forgot about Monday Snax. Yesterday was a super-busy day around here. My apologies! I was still recovering from our crazy and fun weekend at Topsail Beach for Rose and Kemp’s wedding. (A few photos on Flickr, to your right or here.) Really, really thrilled for both of them.

Continuing my total binge on BBC miniseries based on classic novels (thanks, Hylton sisters!), I’ve been watching “Our Mutual Friend,” Dickens’ final novel. Observations: Bella is very unusual for a Dickens heroine, in the fact that she seems to possess a brain! Also, all of the men are totally crazy stalkers, and it does not seem to be a big deal to anyone. And, finally, Dickens just can’t get over unbelievable coincidence, spontaneous resurrection, and rich people with insane wills.

Most of this week’s links are not very serious. I seem to have gravitated toward the absurd and hilarious this week, for whatever reason. Enjoy!

Basil, the Australian Shepherd. DIES A LITTLE INSIDE. MUST. HAVE. (Yeah, I subscribe to The Daily Puppy. So?) (The Daily Puppy)

The 10 Most Overpaid Jobs. Some of these were surprising. Some of them were not, i.e., there’s a reason why there’s a glut of law school students. (Len Penzo)

The 11 Worst Memoir Covers. Of course, Hasselhoff made it on here twice. Even more surprising: The guy’s written two memoirs?? And people have published them? (The Huffington Post)

A Week of Hair. I’m proud of Grace for carrying on our tradition of weekly/monthly challenges. This past week, she chronicled her hairstyles every day. Fun! I miss her. (Como Say What?)

John Muir, the Brontes, and Frida Kahlo. Depiction of Teddy Roosevelt probably totally accurate. (Hark, a Vagrant!)

What Other Everyday Relationship Issues Should Be Romantic Comedies? Haha. Making fun of the film “Going the Distance,” which I have not seen and have no real desire to. I love their movie pitches, with actor choices and everything. The sad thing is that Hollywood may indeed find these ideas feasible one day… (NY Mag)

They’re All Going to Laugh at Me. I feel like this happened a lot in our own family. Sorry, Sam. We do still love you! (Awkward Family Photos)

Man to Divorce Bride for Not Actually Dying. Seriously! How long did she think she was going to be able to pull this off? (Daily Intel)

The Devolution from Hipster to Hippie in Six Steps. I think I’ve seen this happen to people. (Flavorwire)

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