Barn burnt down.
Now I can see the moon.

— Japanese poet Masahide, 1657-1723

In an unrelated note, I need your vote, O readers.

Which of the following should Guion and I adopt?

One of these…

or one of these?

Or none of the above? Please leave your rationale in the comments. And no, babies are NOT one of the options.

10 thoughts on “Optimism

  1. the bird for the following reasons:

    1. furry
    2. not as slimy (though still a little bit slimy)
    3. it sings!
    4. more personality than a fish
    5. it’ll be more substantial as a last resort meal
    6. it’ll still be alive in case you need a last resort meal in 2012

    BUT. I think you should get a bunny instead. They use litterboxes for goddsake. And they’re the most adorable animals ever.

    x A

  2. The fish has some advantages. Don’t have to provide so much care. Don’t have to worry about Bird Flu. Research shows that having a fish tank reduces stress and lowers your blood pressure. But the primary reason: no poop to clean up.

  3. We’ve had birds. All kinds. Finches, parakeets, a parrot and a cockatoo. When I said yes to the parrot and the cockatoo, I think my brain had gone on vacation. I paid for it for two years as those birds screamed, made horrible messes, and chewed the molding around the window when they were let out of their cages. It was a happy day when we found new homes for Max and Angel (ha, never a more misnamed animal as that!) No bird will ever live in a cage in the Pinckney household again. This is much more appealing (http://e1.interweave.com/dm?id=04E72185E86E55EAA43B486DDD70B49900A59F4D938D098E) and one of my life goals ; )

    BUT, I think fish are rather, well, boring.

    So, if you’re not going to have a baby, well then go for the bunny or better yet, a cat.

  4. I love that bird. It’s a cutie. Also, I think Angela’s reasons are convincing enough.

    But an armadillo would make such a hipster pet.

  5. Hmmm. My first instinct was to say bird (fish are boring, duh. Unless you get a phirana or something cool. An eel, mayhaps?), but the poop comments and the bird screaming comments do bring things into perspective. Maybe you could seek out a cute, more silent bird, like a finch. Or a bunny. They are cute, cuddly, and eat lettuce.

  6. You are a nurturing soul, sweet girl. Of the two, you would probably be more content with the bird. Something to think about in the long, long term – a Labrador Retriever. Such sweet, gentle, loving giants!

  7. definately a Labrador Retriever. But if not that, then the fish. Birds are annoying and smelling/cleaning poop is just wrong….you’ll do enough of that when it’s time for baby 🙂 trust me 🙂

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