Meet Reuben

Thank you for all of the excellent advice, friends. Mrs. Pinckney, thank you particularly for reminding me what a pain birds can be. (They are so CUTE, though!)

As you all know, I’d infinitely prefer a dog, but of course we can’t get one here. So we went with the most cost-effective and peaceful option: The trusty betta.

Blogosphere, meet Reuben. We spent an inordinate amount of time picking him out. Isn’t he handsome? Guion named him after his favorite German Shepherd in Ireland. Yes, in homage to the dog that we cannot have. So, that’s that. Reuben lives on our mantel and watches us while we eat and read and listen to music. And–now–watch films on our brand-new television: our other big purchase for the day. Guion was slightly more excited about the TV than the fish, but I’m rather pleased to have a pet.

5 thoughts on “Meet Reuben

  1. Congratulations. Reuben is a very handsome manfish and I know he is lucky to have found such a loving and intellectual refuge in your home. I hope the three of you bond and get along famously for a very long time.

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