Dad and Emma

Dad and Emma, circa 2004

They were so in love. Today, I miss my Daddy and my late puppy, Emma. Our beautiful and neurotic Australian Shepherd. See the following e-mail exchange:


So, I had this very vivid dream last night that Emma came back to us. We understood, somehow, that we were given a second chance with her, and this time we couldn’t let her die. It was very sweet and sad, particularly when I woke up.

Here’s an idea: Why don’t you get Mom an Aussie puppy for your anniversary!? BEST IDEA EVER! She will love you forever.

We bought a fish and a TV last week. I got my deposit back from McCauley Street, so we used the money to buy an HD flat-screen TV. We don’t have cable, but we watch Netflix on it through Guion’s laptop. It’s pretty awesome.

Miss you guys; see you in November??



Eeeeemmmmma. Prettiest dog literally I have ever seen. Well there is one dog … Hint starts with S


S? Samson? I can’t think of one among all your favorite dogs, unless you spelled Cheyenne with an ‘S.’

Too many people in Charlottesville have great dogs. Every time I go out and walk around the neighborhood or through the downtown mall, I feel the desperate need to get a dog. Sigh.


You have a problem.

S – Samson is close.   Remember that tick-infested, mangy coated smelly dog.  Still a great dog though, but not the dog I had in mind as the coolest, smartest, greatest.

I tell Sam all the time that if he was a dog he would be this mystery dog.

The greatest dog ever is Sam, next door the Alexander’s dog.   All you have to do is spend time observing that dog and that will cure your desire for a dog.    I love telling Sam that he is just like Sam the dog.  It builds him up.

See you in November 2012.   I really hope it is not before then.

Have a good life.


I called Sadie, Kiki because that was her real name.   Foxy?  Foxy – really now.  You are getting old and forgetful.

So dogs. You have me consumed with dogs now.

Here is my analysis of people trapped in a dog’s body:

DaDan is Blue (Quillen’s dog)

MaMaw is Belle (quillen’s dog)

Sam is Barney (Beutel, friendly guy dog)

Kelsey is Dublin

Grace is Victoria

TT is  Ebony

I am Chino (big studbolt wolf dog, killer of bulls and horses and buffalo)

Guion is Jake (Dave’s 1st)

Gran is Chance

Dave is Scoop

You are Emma (cute as can be, can run like the wind, smart, trainable, barks until she gets her way)

See you in Nov. 2013

2 thoughts on “Dad and Emma

  1. Ahh…and I thought I was the only one who cries over just plain ol’ stuff. Well, if it is of any consolation, pretty one, it only means you are experiencing life with more intensity and incredible passion than a lot of other folks.

    Also, both the dog and the gentleman in your the photo are beautiful/handsome creatures!

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