Monday Snax


Last night, we had 12 friends over to watch “Babies” with us. Guion and I watched it on Friday night, but were so eager to watch it again that we had to host a showing. Particularly, Guion hatched a plan to invite all of our childless friends, with the intent of persuading them to procreate, so that, in his words, “I can enjoy your babies without having any of the responsibility of raising them.” Exactly. We lit candles and passed around chocolate. It was a very romantic and fun evening. And, apparently, our scheme worked… very quickly. After the movie ended and we were all sitting around chatting, a brief silence fell and one of our married couples looked at each other and laughed briefly. “Well, I guess this is as good a time as any… Your plan worked, because WE’RE PREGNANT!” And they weren’t kidding. Ensue lots of hugs and laughter at the sheer appropriateness of it all.

Seriously, though. You have to watch this movie. It’s so sweet and uplifting. (And yet I still don’t want to have a baby of my own. Clearly, we’re doing good work convincing our friends to reproduce!)

Monday Snax, in the house:

How to Stop a Baby From Crying. Speaking of babies… I don’t know how I feel about taking advice from a self-proclaimed “baby whisperer,” but this method does seem to work. Guion and I need to study up, because it looks like we’re going to be busy babysitters in the near future! (Wise Bread)

Basic Religion Test Stumps Many Americans. According to this Pew Forum study, Jews, atheists, and Mormons know the most about religion. How do you shape up? Take the actual survey here. How did you do? I got 15 out of 15 right. I don’t think it’s all that hard, and I don’t really consider myself all that knowledgeable of world religions. (New York Times)

Women of the World. My little sister on things she’s been learning, reading, and watching about women’s rights. Love that kid. (Como Say What?)

Study: Bilingual Dolphins. Reason no. 4,508 why dolphins are THE coolest animals alive. A recent study shows that two different dolphin species–who communicate with different lexicons–create a pidgin language (like Spanglish) to talk to each other when they meet. The coolest thing I’ve heard all week. (TakePart)

Nancy and Jonathan, the Yadkin Valley. Sharon Clark is one of my favorite wedding photographers, and I read her blog religiously. You can imagine my surprise and delight when I saw our friends Nancy and Jonathan featured in this gorgeous engagement shoot. (Smitten Photography)

Topography. How does she do it? Beautiful topographical invitations from calligrapher Betsy Dunlap. (Betsy Dunlap)

What We Wore. Whoa. Hello, Most Hipster Family Alive. (Bleubird Vintage Blog)

Past & Present: Windsor Chair History and Resources. Design Sponge’s feature on Windsor chairs. We’ve had these chairs at our long, weather-beaten kitchen table for as long as I can remember, and I’ve always harbored a deep fondness for them. (Design Sponge)

Book Teaches You How to Use Moleskine Notebooks. Japan. You are indeed the greatest country. (Tokyo Mango)

What We Talk About When We Talk About Men Not Reading. Interesting thoughts on an interesting phenomenon. (The Book Bench)

Congress Doesn’t Think It’s Such a Good Idea to go on the Colbert Show Anymore. I mean, duh. You’re just now figuring this out? Colbert wins, every time. (Daily Intel)

Mapping Stereotypes. “The geography of prejudice.” We’ve all probably seen some variation of this idea before, but it’s always funny to me. A European perspective. (Alpha Designer)

That’s Not How E-mail Works. As Jonathan would say, “Many LOLs.” Hey Mom, at least you’re not quite this bad with computers… (Postcards from Yo Momma)

2 thoughts on “Monday Snax

  1. I seriously just had a dream last night that I had a brand new baby brother. I suspect it had something to do with reading this blog post yesterday. It was like the most exciting thing ever holding him, and somehow he was able to talk even though he was a couple days old. At one point I was like, “Holy crap, this baby can talk!” and he was all, “I know” in his little baby voice.

    mish u

  2. i still kinda hate you for watching this sans moi. i cannot WAIT to see it. i told you my dream about “my baby” and i’m really in a baby kind of mood.

    also, melissa asked me tonight if you and g were thinking about having kids anytime soon! i told her i hoped so.

    deep down you know you want a little punk ass kid.

    kissy face.

    and the “how to use a moleskine journal” kills me inside.

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