Monday Snax

A Braeburn, or a Winesap, perhaps?

Yesterday afternoon, we went on an adventure with Sam to Carter Mountain Orchard. I think the entire town of Charlottesville was there, but it was lots of fun; we picked nearly 9 pounds of apples, including some varieties I have never heard of/tried before (Winesap, York, Stayman). I am looking forward to making an apple pie tonight. I will post pictures of our adventure shortly, possibly later tonight. So much to do, though! Three big books to read and finish by the end of the month, a large calligraphy job for my dear Katherine’s wedding, and many letters to write!

Snax, with just a hint of autumn weather:

Nettles at The Garage, October 23: Guion is playing a concert at The Garage in Charlottesville, and it’s FREE! So you should totally come. I’m so pumped! (Nettles)

Why Do Japanese People Live So Long? This is great. I got to witness a lot of these things while living in Tokyo for a summer, and have tried to adopt some of them to my life. I was particularly convicted by the point this article made about rejecting dairy. Japanese people believe that adults shouldn’t drink milk. They’re catching onto something, because they have the longest lifespans in the world. (Tofugu)

Scientists and Soldiers Solve a Bee Mystery. Not just “a” bee mystery, THE bee mystery! At long last, we have discovered the cause of the vanishing honeybee hives across America. This is interesting stuff. Now we just need to find a cure. Keep fighting for the bees! (New York Times)

Indian bicycle, by Grace. A recent painting Grace finished; based on a photograph of a bicycle she took in Hyderabad. I’m so impressed by my siblings! They exceed me. (Como Say What?)

Cliff Asness, Superhero. I exchange e-mails with this guy at work. Craaazy. (Daily Intel)

Most Unnecessarily Dramatic Quote in New York Times History. It’s true. This is so hilarious. I hope this woman can laugh at herself, but I’m doubting it. (Best Week Ever)

Disgraced Hedge-Fund Manager Forced to Sell Teddy Bear Collection. I’m SO happy they made the Victor Nightingale reference. Anyone else get it? (Daily Intel)

Troy, the Great Pyrenees. I HAVE to get one of these one day. HAVE to. (Daily Puppy)

Could You Zoom Out, Please. OK, just one more puppy link. Must. Snuggle. (Cute Overload)

The World’s Most Honest Journalism Job Ad. Sad, but true. Also hilarious. The Illinois Valley News is looking for a reporter, and they aren’t sugar-coating the position. (Gawker)

5 Simple Ways to Cut Your Car Expenses. Good tips. Thankfully, we have inherited some of these from Granddad Tillman after we inherited the Jeep. We are doing the best we can to keep it in top shape! Aside from the battery mishap, it’s been solid. (Wise Bread)

42 Things You Didn’t Know about Thom Yorke. I’ve been in a real Radiohead mood lately, so this was fun to read. (Flavorwire)

Closet Visit: Bo Carney. Blogger Jeana Sohn raids trendy women’s closets; this is one of my favorites. Bo Carney owns a vintage store in Los Angeles and I really want to hang out with her and be her BFF. (Jeana Sohn)

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