So, I read a lot of great blogs. I have a category on my Google Reader called “Cool Lady Bloggers,” and it’s full of the best and most beautiful blogs on the Web. These Cool Lady Bloggers have lots of sponsors, so they often like to hold giveaways. I never win raffles or anything like that, but recently I figured, “Hey, I’m going to start entering some giveaways on blogs. Won’t hurt, doesn’t cost anything, and hey, maybe I’ll win something. Just maybe.”

Well, this afternoon I noticed that my blog was getting traffic directed from this cool blog, Bleubird Vintage, home to one of the cutest and trendiest families. For real. Those kids look better than I do on any given day.

And then I see that people are finding my blog because, welllp, I won a giveaway. Yep: A $50 gift certificate to a BABY store! Whee! I don’t even HAVE a baby! But watch out, friends who do: You may be getting presents for your baby early. It’s a pretty cute store, though: My Sweet Muffin. I kind of want some of those stuffed Bambis for myself…

3 thoughts on “Bahaha

  1. Chuckling a little bit here that after your previous post, you won a baby store gift certificate ; )

    I started to comment on that post – and truly don’t mean to be prickly – but I know very few Christian women who think that the only thing they should or can do is have and take care of babies. The choice to stay home during the childbearing and raising years reflects far more than reproductive function. But then, you have the greatest example of that “far more” in your own amazing mom!

  2. i love “cool lady bloggers” – how do they become some crafty and domestic and wifely and motherly and wonderful and artsy and photographic and creative all at once? i can only do 1/2 of one of those things per day.

    also. i have loved bleubirdvintage & her beautiful hollywood-like children for quite a while.

    (and i second grace’s question: when IS your baby coming? I am not joking, in the past WEEK I have heard of FOUR newlywed women getting pregnant. It scared me beyond belief.)

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