Five months

I found this photo in our album, and realized how much I like it. Meredith Perdue is the greatest. See her work at Click to enlarge.

Hey baby,

Did you know we’ve been married for five months? That’s almost half a year! That’s totally crazy. What’s also totally crazy is how much I love you. Thank you for:

  • Making the bed every day.
  • Being SUPER handsome.
  • Filling our little house with music.
  • Watching “30 Rock” with me whenever I’m hit with the need for Jack Donaghy (which is often).
  • Being great at making marinades for meat and fish.
  • Your effervescent spirit.
  • Laughing with and at me.
  • Letting me win so often in speed Scrabble.
  • Sharing what you learn at school with me.
  • Being a sincerely gifted poet.
  • Cleaning the bathroom without me having to ask.
  • Taking out the compost when it gets yucky and starts to grow things.
  • Doing the laundry. Heck, basically, doing almost ALL of the domestic chores! No woman is as lucky as I am.
  • Sending me sweet e-mails at work.
  • Putting up with my dog lust.
  • Encouraging me to write.
  • Creating social events with our friends. Getting drinks every Wednesday at The Local is really fun. Thanks for initiating that.
  • Loving me despite my innumerable faults.

I love you way more than I can say on this silly little blog.

Yours always,

3 thoughts on “Five months

  1. Hey Miss Abby,

    I stumbled upon your blog awhile back, and I have checked in on it now and again ever since. I thought this was an appropriate post to come out of my stalking-your-blog closet and say how sweet I think it is. And how sweet your relationship with Guion seems to be. Yay for love! And congrats on 5 months of marriage!


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