Oh, Sufjan!

Sufjan Stevens playing at The National in Richmond.

On Tuesday night, we trekked to Richmond with a bunch of friends to see Sufjan Stevens in concert at The National. It was outrageous. By “outrageous,” I mean costumes, dancers, video montages, and smoke machines! A bearded hippie playing a Casio with the utmost seriousness! Beach balls being bounced around in the crowd! Sufjan had a rat tail!

But it was awesome. He opened with “Seven Swans” and I gasped. I’d forgotten what a beautiful voice he had. We had a great time out and the entire 2-hour performance was riveting.

I’ve also had the lines from one of his new songs, “Get Real, Get Right,” stuck in my head, too. A simple but good reminder:

But I must do the right thing
I must do myself a favor and
Get real, get right with the Lord.

Happy weekend, kids! See you on Monday.

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