Be back soon

We almost finished all of our Christmas shopping yesterday. It made me positively giddy. One, because I love buying presents for people; I wish we had an unlimited gift budget. Two, because it makes me feel so TRIUMPHANT. I nearly skipped out of Target humming “The Battle Hymn of the Republic.” Guion is less enthused about shopping for presents, but he was quite helpful (and by “helpful,” I mean that he played with all of the animated toys in the kids’ section).

I had a very vivid dream last night that I won a labradoodle puppy in a fashion makeover contest. Yes. I know. These dreams! At least my psyche is consistently stuck on puppies. The contest was to see who could put on the best and craziest face of makeup in five minutes or something. I beat out two of Guion’s MFA classmates to win this puppy. As soon as I saw it, I announced to everyone that I couldn’t have a dog in our apartment, but that I was going to give it to my mother. She was less than pleased, but Dad was thrilled.

Leaving for Davidson in just a few hours! I can’t WAIT! We are getting back in town on Monday, so Snax will probably be delayed until Tuesday or later.

We’re on the fast track to Christmas now, people.

Going to go eat some pumpkin pie, be back later,

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