Tuesday Snax

Quality time with my cousin-law Katie and my first cousin-in-law, once removed, Noah. Yeah! That's what he is to me; I looked it up. He's also totally adorable.

The Snax will be brief, readers. I’ve been feeling sickish since we got back from our whirlwind Thanksgiving adventures and I’m trying to lay low here. Hope you all enjoyed a peaceful and filling holiday, though! I certainly did. Lots of drive time, but lots of great moments with our families.

A Snax sandwich with the leftover turkey and a slice of cranberry sauce:

Expectations vs. Reality. Get ready to LOL, and I mean LOL. (Hyperbole and a Half)

Ann Thomsen. In the vein of featuring some of my favorite online artists, I’m in love with every photo this Danish woman takes. Breathtakingly beautiful! I want prints of everything. You can also visit her official portfolio here. (Her Flickr)

President Obama Spares Two Turkeys From Annual Ritualistic Genocide. Daily Intel can always make me laugh. (Daily Intel)

Are the Elder Bushes Officially the Greatest Old People in the World? I think they might be. Totally serious. I’d like to hang out with them. (Daily Intel)

Livraddare. I love this haunting painting by Camilla Engman. I had it as my desktop background for a week or more. (Camilla Engman)

Tea: A Literary Tour. There are but two things I require: Tea and my books. Here’s a brief and entertaining survey of the role of tea in literature. (The Book Bench)

Science Says Dogs are Smarter than Cats. I mean, haven’t we always known that it’s true? And the reason is: Dogs are just nicer. Actually, it’s because they’re more social than cats, which inclines them to learn and adapt more. (Jezebel)

Bizarre Uses for Banana Peels. According to this list, banana peels can do practically anything. They’re like the new Neosporin or Windex. I wonder how many of these are actually true, though. And who figured out that holding a banana peel to your head would cure a headache? Because I don’t believe them. (Wise Bread)

Dear Mornings. A thank-you note from my favorite thank-you note writer, Leah. She’s actually inspired me to do a year-long gratitude project myself, which I will unveil at a later time. (THXTHXTHX)

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