Manual laborer

I know I should be careful what I wish for, but today I really want a job that requires manual labor. OK, maybe not eight hours of manual labor, but at least SOMETHING more than the few minutes spent getting up from one’s desk to go to the bathroom and replenish one’s cup of tea. I was not prepared for how utterly lethargic a full-time desk job would make me feel. Some days I practice ballet moves that Catherine showed me when I move up and down the hallways, just so I won’t go crazy. I haven’t been caught yet.

These are the outdoorsy and/or active jobs I would not mind having in temperate seasons:

  • Orchid gardener
  • Dog trainer
  • Dog walker
  • Governess
  • Photojournalist
  • Old rich lady’s traveling companion to Europe and The Orient
  • Painter of large canvases
  • Stable-boy
  • Letterpress stationer (OK, not a ton of activity here, but more than I’m getting now)

What about you? Do you get to move around for your job? Do you hate it? Do you envy my slothful station?

Speaking of envy, last night at the Newlyweds’ Small Group we talked about the difference coveting, envying, and being jealous and we discovered that there are perceptible differences between each word. It was very exciting.

It’s been a quiet day over here and the snow is falling intermittently. Yes, snow. Even though yesterday we enjoyed 65-degree temperatures. It’s enough to drive a woman mad. Just when you’ve tasted spring, it gets jerked away from you again.

This weekend I finally decided that I’m going to volunteer at the local ASPCA. I am very excited about this, but I also feel guilty about it, for reasons that I may or may not decide to enumerate here.

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