Our wedding photos…

… still bring me a lot of joy. Even though I’ve seen every photo a dozen times or more, I still love looking through them. We had a perfect day. I also love discovering shots like this that I hadn’t really remembered. Takes me right back to dusk on Saturday, May 29, 2010…

Just married and hanging out in Forest Theater. Photo by Meredith Perdue.

If you’re getting married, seriously, look no further for a photographer than Meredith Perdue! Not only is she incredibly gifted at what she does, but she is also a simply lovely human being! Seriously. Give her a call.

5 thoughts on “Our wedding photos…

  1. baby,
    three things-
    1. ) the hedder is so fun.
    2.) you’re gorgeous
    3.) so proud of you and all the yoga last week. i taught a class to about eight pple here at the hostel the other morning. it was so great. i miss not doing it every day though.

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