Week 11: Wear a dress every day

In honor of my sister Grace, I am imposing a set of weekly challenges on myself. For 12 weeks, I will attempt a different “challenge” each week–to do one thing every day for seven days, ranging from serious to silly. At the end of each week, I’ll let you know how it goes.

I have always loved dresses. My mom says that when I was tiny and she’d try to dress me in pants or shorts, I’d pitch a fit, tear them off, and insist on wearing a dress, like any proper lady. I love dresses. I have amassed a decent collection of them over the years. During my senior year of college, I recruited about a dozen friends to join me in a “No-Pants April” challenge, during which we only wore dresses or skirts for the month of April. This weekly challenge is a natural step down from that, but wearing a dress every day has felt like the proper celebration of spring. And a proper motivator to start shaving my legs again…

DAY 1.

Dress from: Target

This is a great dress for work. It’s breezy and a bit unusual, too.

DAY 2.

Dress from: Target

Not super-exciting, but very soft. Goes with almost every cardigan I own, too.

DAY 3.

Dress from: Banana Republic

This is one of my favorite dresses, even though it is worn out. The hem has fallen out and the stitching around the sleeves is also coming undone. I started holding it together with tape, Liz Lemon-style. Mainly because I am too lazy/unskilled to sew it properly. I should just throw it away, but I love it too much.

DAY 4.

Dress from: Gap

This is my quintessential summer dress. It’d also be a great pregnancy dress. Stretchy like no one’s business. And it has pockets!

DAY 5.

Dress from: Target

This mini-dress will always remind me of our honeymoon.

DAY 6.

Dress from: Target

OK, FINE. This should just be called “Week of Target Dresses.” I can’t help it! They’re cheap and usually cute! I bought this one for my birthday. It’s summer-sexy-casual.

DAY 7.

Dress from: Anthropologie

Happy Easter! This is one of my all-time favorite dresses. My mom bought it for my birthday three or four years ago and I still love it. This photo really does not do it justice.

Next week, ladies and gents, will be the last week of my 12 weeks of challenges! Hard to believe! I’m going to be taking a walk around town every day. And it will be great. Especially if a certain Golden Retriever will accompany me…

7 thoughts on “Week 11: Wear a dress every day

  1. If you were a REAL cool lady blogger, you’d post pics of yourself actually wearing these dresses. Don’t disappoint your adoring public ;).

  2. A) YES to Target dresses. They are the new way. B) YES to walking the Bo Beastie around town. You are the best dogparent ever! C) You are a rockstar. And a model. So glad Abby Pratt is in my life. 🙂

  3. You, Bo, and Liz should wander over to my neighborhood. Perhaps Thursday night while we’re having our first party.

  4. I have that anthropologie dress too and have worn it to death! I purposefully left it in CO because it is not fit to be worn anymore but I refuse to get rid of it. I wish I had the pattern to this dress, because I would make a million of them!

  5. Let me guess — your jealous husband wouldn’t let you post pictures of you actually wearing them. Dang, that dude’s such a drag.

  6. The Anthro dress is my favorite. I am partial to anything floral and gauzy.

    So, I have a wonderful and affordable tailor named Anna if you’d like me to give you her infos. I buy stuff from thrift stores all the time and have her take them in / fix them so they fit me properly. She has also made a few of my cheaper dresses from H&M and the Gap stronger by mending the hems and sleeves.

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