Thoughts on a thunderous Wednesday afternoon:

– I want to be a WRITER today! But I have nothing to say. Nothing at all. I should finish that short story that’s been dragging on for a year…

– If I were rich, I would spend an embarrassingly large amount of money on skincare products and makeup.

– I feel guilty about wanting a purebred puppy.

– We had a freak hailstorm and a flash flood last night. It was terrifying and beautiful. I was working on a calligraphy job and watching it all happen on the street and I kept telling myself, “Just be calm, keep writing, be calm…” As if my life were in danger or something.

– I discovered Pinterest today. Oops. Goodbye, productivity!

– Grace needs to come home. NOW.

Gilead is a lovely book. I can’t describe what it is, but I think a “hushed beauty” is the best phrase I can come up with on the fly. Can anyone tell me what denomination he is, though? He’s not Baptist, Methodist, Presbyterian, Pentecostal, Quaker… what’s left?

– Remember how we thought we were important in college? Turns out we weren’t.

– Barack Obama released his long-form birth certificate today. A nice gesture, but not even that will keep the crazies at bay. They’re sure to find something else to freak out about, particularly with Donald Trump at the helm.

– What do we have to do to convince Win to move to Charlottesville? Locals, any suggestions for things to see or do that might persuade someone that this is the best town on the east coast?

– I am so over Facebook.

– Nothing depresses me so much as reading comments on news sites. Are the only people who comment online both dumb AND angry? That is such a bad combination.

– It’s too hot to eat, too hot to dream, too hot to move your limbs above your head. We’re trying to save money by not turning on our A/C units for as long as possible. I was too hot this morning, so I had blackberries and a huge cup of tea for breakfast. Because even when it’s 80 degrees in your kitchen, a hot cup of tea will still be the best thing. Truth!

5 thoughts on “Secrets

  1. John Ames is a Congregationalist pastor (whatever that actually means, I’m not really sure!) LOVE your description of the book as a hushed beauty. Have you read Home yet? It’s my fave of all time. Even better than Gilead, I think 🙂

  2. Ah! Jodi beat me to the punch.

    Fun fact: Ms. Robinson is herself a Congregationalist (and self-described Calvinist) and occaisionally preaches at her church. I’m so glad you’re reading Gilead; I have a deep passion for that book (and Home as well).

  3. Charles tried to keep our AC off to save money, but after not sleeping at all for three nights, I couldn’t take it any longer. You are brave!

    (Also: I want a purebred, too. I’m a terrible person for not wanting the mangled pit-bull mix at the shelter.)

  4. So excited to hear that you like a living author, Abby!!! And more excited that we are having an unofficial book club to discuss Gilead. According to my kindle I am 33% through. I was wondering the same thing about what denomination but I was thinking perhaps Episcopalian? Ha you should of thought of that what with being one of the most recent members of Christ Church! So, mystery solved; he is Congregationalist.
    You know about my desire for a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel so I don’t judge.
    I feel like I have a comment about every last one of your thoughts so I’ll save it for when I see you next…

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