Get me a book before I starve to death

Personal quirk: I find it extremely difficult to eat unless I am reading something. This makes me a rather unfortunate dinner guest. In reality, I can manage without words if I’m in the company of others. But if I’m breakfasting alone? Get me a book before I starve to death.

Brideshead Revisited is my current lunch-time reading and it’s funny and light. So far. It’s also SO English that I can hardly stand it (cousins named Melchior and champagne in your dormitory quarters at noon). Despite my somewhat broad experience with British literature, I have a lot of gritty, American disdain for Anglophiles and can only take these super-British books in small doses. Spread them out, you see, sprinkle them in amongst the Russians, French, Japanese, and Americans and all will be well.

Unrelated: I started a dog blog called Doggerel. This should not largely concern you and I don’t expect any of you to read it. Rather, I’m telling you to give you some form of relief. I hope to direct my animal- and dog-oriented posts over here from now on. To save your sanity and mine.

Also, strawberries are unbelievably delicious right now. Get thee to the grocer’s.

4 thoughts on “Get me a book before I starve to death

  1. Your mother made me read your blog. You were hoping i forgot about our deal:

    You find a book for me to read. I find a book for you to read. You have to read it cover to cover and enjoy.

    You have selected – Crime and Punishment for me. I am leaning toward Twilight Saga. I think it is the 3rd in the glorious series. I will let you know if I find something better.

    This is going to be delicious. I will have Goino videotape your reading my selection.

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