Things I know

Colorful hiragana practice. Source: Pinmarklet

This is a companion list to my recent post, Things I Should Know. These are the few things that I do know and could plausibly teach someone.

This list is simple proof that the bulk of my knowledge is almost entirely useless.

I could teach someone…

  • How to identify most AKC-recognized dog breeds.
  • Hiragana and katakana.
  • How to use apostrophes.
  • How to train a dog seven or eight basic commands.
  • Calligraphy.
  • How to fold a paper crane.
  • Why you should always spay or neuter your pets.
  • Fundamental Japanese verbs.
  • The names of most flowers and ordinary songbirds.
  • How to French braid.
  • Basic HTML and CSS.
  • About Virginia Woolf’s life and work.
  • Rapid alphabetization.
  • How to read and correctly interpret a dog’s body language.
  • The commandments of maintaining naturally curly hair.
  • How to incorporate lists into every part of your life.

As you proved with your earlier helpful and enlightening comments, you’re smart people. What basic things could you teach someone? Do share.

9 thoughts on “Things I know

  1. i like these posts. 🙂 i’m thinking about making my own. things i could teach:
    basic vocabulary in telugu. (… believe it or not, i could.)
    how to bake bread.
    how to fake-it sew something great!
    pleasantries in egyptian arabic.
    how to navigate the streets of india, from bartering for an autorickshaw to crossing the street to where and how to shop for clothes or food.
    how to pack for a backpacking trip.
    how to creatively get around the rules.

    my list is quite random… i’m going to go post my own full lists on my blog. 🙂

    1. C., here are my basic commandments of curly hair keeping:

      1. Thou shalt never brush one’s hair. If one must brush, only do it while wet with a wide-toothed comb.
      2. Thou shalt use a quarter-sized amount of strong gel in hair after the shower. Scrunch through ends. (I’ve been using Aveda’s flax seed aloe gel for my whole life and it’s my miracle product.)
      3. Thou shalt not touch hair while it is drying. One will only make it worse.
      4. Thou shalt let hair partially air dry.
      5. Thou shalt always use a diffuser if one must use a dryer.
      6. Thou shalt be grateful for the gift God has given you, even when you just wish you had sleek, straight hair like a model.

      1. Thanks! 😀 I just discovered Aveda’s be curly style prep and it’s a life-saver. Still haven’t mastered the art of managing curly hair yet though.

        btw, this is Catherine from AP Lit a few centuries ago! Love your blog…just moved to C’ville too! Small world.

  2. I LOVE making lists!

    Oh my goodness, can we make top ten lists the next time we hang out?

    You’re the best. All of those things can & will surely be used for Goodness’ Sake! 🙂

  3. I can teach someone
    – the difference between “imply” and “infer” as well as “compose” and “comprise.”
    – how to ride the New York subway.
    – the most efficient way to arrange one’s things on the airport security conveyor belt.
    – how to make a decent apology.
    – the proper (according to the French) way to cut and eat cheese.

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