Hot-button issues

I love finding people who keep their Issues and Causes very close to themselves; the people who start long, passionate conversations if you are fortunate (or unfortunate) enough to mention a word that triggers them. You said the word “corn” and all of the sudden you’re locked in an hour-long conversation about the evil machinations of the FDA and big agribusiness. I like finding these people because they make me feel a bit less alone. They remind me that maybe I’m not the only person who has to rein herself in (often unsuccessfully) during conversations.

I probably care too much about things that I don’t know that much about. I was realizing this today. I am too quick to express my quickly formed opinions.

And so I write this list to caution you. These are the things that could trigger a brutally long and vehement conversation with me. You have been warned.

  • Any permutation on the topic of dogs. (Dog breeds, training, health, adoption, behavior, psychology, etc.)
  • Why Ayn Rand isn’t worth a second of anyone’s time.
  • Law school.
  • Homeschooling.
  • Mega-churches fixated on growth.
  • Reproductive rights.
  • Why paper and ink books still matter.
  • Christians judging other Christians for being on birth control.
  • Sororities and fraternities.
  • What I’ve been reading lately.
  • Anti-women policies and practices of conservatives.
  • Childhood obesity.
  • Dolphins.
  • Underpaid teachers.

Anyone else? Do you have “hot-button issues” that invariably embroil you in desperate, heated discussions–almost against your will? I hope I’m not the only one…

9 thoughts on “Hot-button issues

  1. I want to ask you about every one of these.

    My soap box topics:
    -Building community is tough for everyone, so stop complaining and get out there. (aka Even Extroverts Hate Small Talk)

    1. I don’t even know what MBTI is! I had to look it up. Myers-Briggs? I’m curious now. I knew some people in college who treated it like religion, like fate.

      1. Re: MTBI treated like fate.

        Yes, I know how off-putting it can be when people do that. The way I approach it is…wait a minute! We should have a conversation about this! Or I should blog about it. One of these should happen soon.

  2. Yeah I want to hear your take on a few of these as they are also on my list of hot button topics. Do you really want me to comment on this post *wink*

    – Street Harassment ( H-U-G-E, mammoth, hot button issue )

    – Sanctification vs. Total Depravity

    – Etiquette

    – The cost of feminine products

    – Television

    – Twitter

    Haha I could go on and on!

  3. I could definitely join you on the mega-churches or birth control topics! And what I’ve been reading. 🙂

    I definitely get fired up about certain things… In the last week, I think some of those topics have included…

    – why I will not tolerate in-laws’ joking about needing boy to pass down the family name (Jeremiah is the last male Bailey in this whole giant branch of a family tree, so he has been enduring teasing since he was a pre-teen. He finds it a bit annoying but nothing major; I find it infuriating, lol.)

    – why feminists and/or Christians do not need to go all-natural when it comes to things relating to pregnancy/babies (recently read someone talk about how they were going to a natural birthing class and saw a video with a woman praising Jesus between contractions—this friend say “I want to be like that!” which I apparently found offensive in and of itself…)

    – lotteries (only 1/3 of the money actually goes towards education; they just exploit poor people)

    – Greek yogurt (why it’s the best and why Fage Mango Guanabana, in particularly, needs to be stocked at every grocery store)

    – patio furniture (wood is cheaper AND prettier than the aluminum things at Lowe’s—why are we having so much trouble finding it??)

    In generally, though, most of the things I get upset about have to do with churches doing terrible things or anything relating to women/feminism.

    Also, I could rant FOREVER about how poorly Fuller is run from a business angle. We had great professors there, but we have so many complaints with every other aspect of the seminary. Recently a whole dinner was spent critiquing Fuller with a friend of ours who also recently graduated. We basically never run out of things to rant about and totally think we could run the institution ourselves (which is probably pretty arrogant and inaccurate, but at least much of our criticism is on the mark!). I think Jeremiah and I both just have a passion for education and a hatred for money-wasting. When education suffers and money is mismanaged, it just really pisses us off.

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