Things I want to do in 2012

Me, next year. Click for source.

Yes, I like to make my new year’s resolutions very early. In fact, one could say that I am in a perpetual state of making new year’s resolutions. Continuous goal-making is a blessing/curse we inherited from our mother. (Grace has the worst case of it, but then again, she’s the most accomplished of us all, so maybe there is something to this mania for making resolutions.)

Things I Want To Do in 2012

  1. Get a dog, which I don’t have to tell you. I already have. Like, a hundred times.
  2. Take a graduate-level English class at UVA.
  3. Take the GRE.
  4. Go hiking more often.
  5. Read 75 books (down from this year’s goal of 100, because I think I’ll be cutting down on my dog reading).
  6. Take a beginner’s ballet class.
  7. Try to take my writing more seriously; publish something, somewhere. (How’s that for ambiguity?)
  8. Improve calligraphy business; hone skills with flexible nib.
  9. Finish reading the remainder of Shakespeare’s plays (I think I have 19 more to go. Eek).
  10. Decide what I’m going to do with my life.

Do you have any goals for next year already? Am I the only one?

6 thoughts on “Things I want to do in 2012

  1. hell yes!
    i just did this last night too! was in a headache funk and had to do something other than school, so what did grace do?
    that’s right, she made a list. . .

    my NOW goals:
    1. life simply
    2. teach yoga and meditation weekly {soon to be accomplished!}
    3. work my way up at reese and learn stuff
    4. research ways to travel and do it!
    5. volunteer at the o.c. rape crisis center
    6. attend weekly art co-op meetings
    7. help organize gappl events
    8. read 5 books for FUN {this semester}
    9. make more friends
    10. find internships and grants
    11. pass astro one way or another. . .
    12. work on french and dont be afraid to talking to people with it!
    13. write letters weekly
    14. sign a lease on a house!
    15. plan for the summer

  2. Love the post and picture, Abby! Grace, I took Astronomy to satisfy the science lab requirement and because the universe is way-awesome and always fascinated me. However, its an INCREDIBLY DIFFICULT course. I think I managed a c+ and I was pretty proud of it haha. Good luck! The labs are so fun though!

  3. WOW that last one is a doozy! I’m a list maker too, my daughter laughs at me but I can’t go to the grocery without one, I will NOT get what I went for. I’ll get stuff, just not the right stuff. lol
    Aspiring to teach yourself more and get more exercise? Nothing but good can come of it. Good luck 🙂

  4. Your first sentence made me chuckle to myself…I’ve been planning mine as well! My number one goal is to learn Spanish and use it regularly. Here’s to 2012 and all of the things left to accomplish!

  5. 1) More dancing
    2) Go on at least one ultimate adventure (reads: bungee jumping, repelling, etc.)
    3) Write more songs… be less afraid of singing them in front of anyone other than my dog
    4) Use my EMT skills more often
    5) Be swept off my feet by some wonderful man

    … I’m pretty sure my ‘resolving’ won’t have much to do with at least one of these… 🙂

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