Songs that make me cry

Or, more accurately, songs that make me tear up in a suffusion of sublime emotion. You know how it is.

Swansea,” Joanna Newsom, from The Milk-Eyed Mender (Drag City, 2004)

And yonder, wild and blue
The wild blue yonder looms
Till we are wracked with rheum
By roads, by songs entombed…

Holocene,” Bon Iver, from Bon Iver (Jagjaguwar, 2011)

And at once I knew, I was not magnificent.

Saro,” Sam Amidon, from All Is Well (Bedroom Community, 2008)

I wish I was a poet
Could write in find hand
Would write my love a letter
One she’d long understand

Tempo di Valse,” Antonín Dvořák

[No lyrics; just beauty.]

Any songs that always make you misty?

7 thoughts on “Songs that make me cry

  1. Wagner’s “Tristan and Isolde” – the most romantic and tragic classical piece. Ever.
    Avett Brothers “Murder in the City” – if I were a dude, and had a brother, I’d still cry to this song.

  2. “postcards from italy” – certain memories wandering around roma and listening to it brings back loads of good, strong EMOTIONS.

    “skinny love” – just soo good.

    “exile vilify” and “geese of beverly road” – hot, sexy. weird things make me cry.

    “and the boys”

    and “holocene” aussi. . .

    so much good music to love and cry about these days!

  3. Patty Griffin, Trapeze
    “Some guy broke her heart and how her heart it did ache
    So she went to the tent of the lady of the snakes
    Who gave her a potion and she drank it in
    After that her heart never ached again”

  4. Also, Fresh Feeling by the Eels is one of the sweetest songs. MY heart always aches a little when I hear it. (I have a whole playlist of songs that do this to me.)

  5. Ohhh Holocene gets me, too. Also: Casimir Pulaski Day / Sufjan Stevens, Upward Over the Mountain / Iron & Wine, I’ll be Yr Bird / M Ward, How My Heart Behaves / Feist, and, because I am super sentimental and I was in the show every year, the Pas de Deux from the Nutcracker.

  6. Nanci Griffith: Heart of Indochine

    Oh, deliver me to the river of souls/In the heart of Indochine/Deliver me to a river at peace/In this twenty-first century/All those souls that floated free/In these dark war’s waters/All the souls now swim together/The French and the Viet Minh/And those American boys/The souls of the Saigon River/At peace in Indochine

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