Monday Snax

No photos = jam-packed, fun weekend. We had three holiday parties on Friday night; ran lots of errands + had a generally peaceful day on Saturday, and then hosted a soup party + birthday party for Mary Boyce on Sunday after Lessons and Carols at church. Whew! And then we’re jetting off to North Carolina on Thursday night! I’m so excited.

Yuletide Snax:

Stereotyping You By Your Favorite Book of 2011. Any of these apply to you? The one for Blue Nights made me laugh: “The same people who think it’s healthy to see Greek tragedies in the winter.” (Flavorwire)

Gift Ideas for the Book Lover Who Has Read Everything. Want those Frankenstein bookends. Actually, I’d take just about anything from this gift guide. (Flavorwire)

New York in the Snow, 1892-1920. Makes you really grateful for cars and for traffic lanes. The carriage pile-up in that last photo looks so stressful. (Retronaut)

Are We the Nation of Sushi Abomination? Ah, excellent. Someone else rants about the state of American sushi so I don’t have to. (Tofugu)

Congressional Wives, 1947. The dresses are dowdy, yes, but these ladies look pretty awesome. I bet they’d be a lot of fun at a cocktail party. (Retronaut)

Weak, I know. What? It’s been a busy week.

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