Reverse bucket list

Or carry a dog AS a purse... Really. This looks stupid AND cruel. Click for source.

Inspired by this post, here is my list of things I never want to do before I die:

  1. Own a minivan.
  2. Have a dog so small I could carry it in my purse.
  3. Live in Florida, South Carolina, or New York City.
  4. Wear velour sweatpants with a sassy statement on the butt in rhinestones.
  5. Make crafts involving doilies.
  6. Get a tattoo.
  7. Teach for America.
  8. Collect “knicknacks,” whatever they may be.
  9. Get cable.
  10. Dance on a stage.
  11. Kill an animal for sport.
  12. Go to a tanning salon.

How about you?

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