People I could not have been

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I like to think that I could have been a great many things, even though this is not true. Here are the careers and vocations that I think I could have had, even though we all know that it’s fairly impossible.

People I Wanted to Be that I Now Admit I Will Never Be:

  • A ballerina. I adore the ballet. I was a bossy little ballerina for a few years until I hit adolescence and lost interest in the art and discipline. It may have been just as well. I have long, skinny limbs, yes, but I cannot touch my toes. I cannot even do downward-facing dog. I am an embarrassment in yoga class; I would be an abomination in ballet.
  • A Shakespearean actor. I hate being on stage. I am not British (yes, I believe that all the best Shakespearean actors are and should be British).
  • A great cook. Given up on that dream, especially since I found out that I have a husband who can out-chef me. I also am not profoundly interested in food.
  • A travel writer. I really like having a home. I hate living out of a suitcase.
  • A painter. This dream died when Grace started taking art lessons with me.

Any dream careers of yours get killed by reality?

2 thoughts on “People I could not have been

  1. its never too late. and NO. you always intimidated ME in art. you are the whole reason i started making things! and I WANT to be a travel writer and COULD if i knew how to write. . . i want to be a photojournalist but i dont really know what that will look like b/c i dont really care for desks or bosses. : ) hahah LOVES you

  2. Every prima ballerina has at least one well known flaw. I think Fonteyn used to say her own feet were like “puddings”. It would have been great if you’d become a ballerina without being able to touch your toes – that would have become your ‘special trivia fact’ long after you were dead and gone.

    “…and below Nureyev we have a picture of Abbey _____ the world famous ballerina from the start of the 21st century…. here’s an interesting fact: although the audiences and critics all adored her performances she couldn’t actually touch her toes and had to have all her choreography specially adapted….”


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