A weekend here and away

This weekend, we went to Chapel Hill and Carrboro for a mini-reunion with family and friends and to see Nettles and the Hill and Wood perform at Night Light. The visit was short but enjoyable. We got to see everyone we loved in a very short amount of time: I got to have tea with Jonathan at Weaver Street; tons of family and friends showed up at the concert; stayed the night with Shaun and Ann-Marie; got breakfast with Granddad; had lunch with Kelsey and Grace. A photographic sampling:

More photos on Flickr.

Also, I think I’m retiring the Monday Snax segment for the indefinite future. I’ll still provide links here and there, but I’d like to do more thinking and writing rather than linking and captioning. More life reflections, you know? Sigh. I was a better blogger when I was 15. Whatever that means.

Too busy to think much more! Happy Monday, y’all.

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