Minute news

These days, I listen to NPR on my short drive to and from work. I used to listen to music, but my commute was (so blessedly) short, that it almost wasn’t worth the hassle of messing with the iPod. Now, I listen to tiny news, the minutiae of the world from my radio. What I like about NPR, I’ve discovered, is their careful and small focus on the overlooked stories. Because of NPR, I hear and learn about xenophobia in Florence, a factory town in South Carolina that has lost all of its factories, the Senegalese president who is trying to run for a third term even though no one wants him to. No one else talks about this stuff. But these little stories remind me that the world is so much bigger than I tend to think it is, that people matter everywhere.

One thought on “Minute news

  1. I think the best part of NPR in the morning is on Friday when they have a 90 second segment “Story Corp” Up here it is on at 6:25 am and I think again at 8:25. On the NPR website they post the Story Corp segment of the week. It is THE best.

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