A weekend with the family

Betsey! Soon to be India bound! So good to see her after so long.

First, I had a sleepover with Betsey. It was wonderful. She is so much fun and so wise.

Family game of knock out. I am stupendously bad at basketball.
Kate and Sam, feigning friendship.
Kate takes on the brownie batter.

Then, on Friday, I took a half-day at work and drove home for an early celebration of Dad’s and Kate’s birthdays and to surprise the siblings. (They were surprised, but a little disappointed that it was me, because Dad had led them to believe that he was bringing home a puppy.)

It was so nice to be back there, to wander around Fisher Farm with the dogs, to eat dinner with the whole family, to drape ourselves over furniture and be totally unhelpful to mother, to sleep in the harem again. I have missed them all.

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