Things I would spend an embarrassingly large amount of money on if I were rich

Me, in an alternate universe, with my Afghan. Click for source.

Things I would spend an embarrassingly large amount of money on if I were rich:

  • Fresh-cut flowers! In every room!
  • My (hypothetical pack of) dogs.
  • Expensive sight hound puppies, like Afghans and borzois, from top-notch breeders.
  • Books. I would buy a million books. And put them in my house.
  • Makeup. Secret: I actually really like makeup, even though I don’t wear much of it. I think I just like to play with it.
  • Stationery. I would send everyone, even people I didn’t like that much, $6 letterpress birthday cards.
  • Bunnies. I would get a lot of bunnies.
  • Art. I would have a painting in every room, too.
  • Dresses. I would buy all the dresses.
  • Adorable little notebooks that I would probably never use but keep in my purse, “just in case.”
  • Tickets to the ballet.
  • Japanese pens. They make the best pens.
  • Antique furniture.

Inordinate wealth is not in the cards for us, so Guion doesn’t really have to worry about this list. But daydreams are a great zero-cal snack.

4 thoughts on “Things I would spend an embarrassingly large amount of money on if I were rich

  1. Swoon, fresh cut flowers. Stationary and furniture – girl we are on the same wave length here. Let’s get rich and do this!

  2. What an amazing idea for a post, I love to imagine what big things I’d buy if I won millions, a house here, a round the world trip there, but I love that you’ve thought of the smaller, more everyday possible indulgences, definitely have to agree with a lot of these!

  3. How fun! I’m totally with you on the stationary! I would add ridiculously expensive cowboy boots and a baking implements collection that puts Martha Stewart’s to shame.

  4. tee-hee. i love this. jon and i were just talking about what we’d do with 100 million dollars after seeing a film on tv wherein the main character magically inherits that much money. love this post, and want to write my own soon. 🙂

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