And then we moved and got a dog

This weekend:

We moved. Guion’s generous and sweet parents came and helped us move, unpack, clean, and bid farewell to good Belmontonia.

We gardened. We planted a host of seedlings from our new landlords, mowed the (huge) lawn, tended our crops, and harvested snap peas and strawberries.

Mowing around the new garden.

We got a dog. (OMG WE GOT A DOG.) Meet Pyrrha (*pronounced “peer-ah”), who is on trial with us from the amazing people at Southeast German Shepherd Rescue. I’ll continue to write all about her on my dog blog. She is a totally sweet and shy little lady and we love her already. (The name comes from Greek mythology and from Italo Calvino’s Invisible Cities, which we recently read and loved.)


We ate out and relaxed. (Windy and Mike, below, at Blue Mountain Brewery.)

Our super-awesome moving team: Mike and Windy!

We looked at our sweet dog some more.

Pyrrha at Blue Mountain Brewery.

We unloaded more boxes.

We napped.

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