Stuff Guion is good at


As we near our second anniversary (!), I’ve been thinking about how fun it has been to be married to this dude. Here’s a list of stuff Guion is good at:

  • Smiling.
  • Making great beer and great music.
  • Dreaming big.
  • Not complaining when Pyrrha wakes him up to go out at 3 a.m.
  • Fixing stuff when it breaks.
  • Reading my mind.
  • Cheerfully taking care of all the little mundane, sundry errands and household tasks.
  • Remembering to pay bills.
  • Singing. Guys, he wakes up in the morning singing. No other human does that. No other human is that internally happy.
  • Having the best name that no one can pronounce.
  • Making friends.
  • Being THE calmest. About everything.
  • Defusing fights.
  • Hanging out with babies.
  • Finding something to appreciate in things that I would deem “low-brow” or “stupid.”
  • Telling stories.
  • Encouraging me to try new things.
  • Improvising marinades and sauces in the kitchen.
  • … and many other things that I can’t include here, because grandparents read this blog sometimes.

Guion! Man! You are the best.

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