Horticultural learning curves

Inherited perennial beds.

How I have changed since moving to our mini-homestead:

  1. I am no longer as bothered by bugs. There are seemingly a million different types of insects who reside in our fertile backyard (as in, slugs wearing the coats of leopards). Many of them often make their way into our home. Stink bugs, my former archenemies, are now low on the list of my concerns. I swear there are ten times as many insect varieties in Virginia as there were in North Carolina. Some of these bugs are so exotic-looking. We dug up the wild bed of mint last weekend and found cicada larvae, which are supremely creepy and ghost-like. We find brilliantly colored beetles, giant ants with wings, wasps the size of small mice. The yellow swallowtails that visit the butterfly bush (featured above) are the only ones who make me happy, though. Pyrrha is also our resident moth huntress in the evenings. While I have no particular problem with moths, I do enjoy watching her stalk them.
  2. I want to go walking all the time, all day long, particularly now that I have a perpetually eager walking companion. Our early morning walks are the best, because the streets are quiet and the heat isn’t oppressive yet. We are still exploring this new area of town. Every new street makes me feel like I’m in a foreign country. This morning, we saw a hunky German shepherd walking a balding man and a rainbow hot air balloon dipping low over the street, gliding down through the neighborhood, looking as if it were about to land on our house. Pyrrha was as interested in it as I was; she’d stop and pause to watch it every so often.
  3. I don’t read as much. This is a shame. I am trying to figure out how to amend this, but I don’t think I can keep up with my former pace. I am ambling through Proust, picking through Joyce, rushing through Covey.
  4. I like sleeping without the A/C on, to a certain extent. It’s like a game. Almost every night now, we ask each other, “Can you sleep without the A/C on?” And the other replies, “I can if you can.” (The dog, however, is a diva and hates the heat. Could have something to do with her full fur coat. I don’t know.)
  5. I don’t spend a fortune on berries anymore, because we grow all of the ones I’d want to eat anyway. Yes. That was not a humble brag; it is a full-out brag. (But one we can’t take credit for; all glory due to our landlord, the gardening goddess.)
  6. I feel more grown up somehow.
  7. I never want to go anywhere anymore.

Good things? Bad things? Qui sait? But they are things.

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