Women, know your limits!

Admittedly, this is a very niche post for a minority of my readership who actually care about this kind of thing, but I have been reading about women’s roles in the church again and this deeply resonated with me:

[The complementarian] position argues that while men and women are created equal by God, they have different “roles.” By roles they mean one thing—males have authority over women. To hold that men and women are equal in being, but unequal in authority strips the term “equal” of its essential meaning. To deny females equal authority not because of their character, their intimacy with Christ or their giftedness, but solely because of gender—a fixed and unchangeable condition—creates communities, organizations, churches and marriages that are inherently unjust because they deny a people group shared authority based on an unchangeable condition–gender.

Dr. Mimi Haddad, featured on Rachel Held Evans’ blog.

Amen and amen.

Now, feel free to start a fight in the comments section on “Women, know your limits!

3 thoughts on “Women, know your limits!

  1. Like like Like like like!!!! I’ve been meaning to share with you what a dean at Oxford told me about the subject. Will hunt that down for you… And like his wife says, “The bible tells me to submit to my husband. Not to grumpy old men!”

  2. Amazing. Its interesting that this all comes down to which books and accounts were chosen to maintain in the Bible. There are other accounts of genesis in which another woman was created equal to man, yet that didn’t cut it at the Council of Nicea.

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