A few thoughts

Crape myrtle has turned red

Recent thoughts, resolutions, internal injunctions:

  • It is important to look words up in the dictionary. I should do this more often, instead of assuming I know what “fulsome” means. To this end, I recently bought the new fifth edition of the American Heritage Dictionary for our use at home. This goliath will also support me in my attempt to read Infinite Jest in a few months. (Also, we are a poet and an editor! We should own a real dictionary, even if it is more convenient to use the house iPhone to look things up.)
  • Corollary: The idea of “looking something up” did not exist until writing existed -> the beginning of a cataloging of information -> converting language into data. (Thoughts from reading the excellent The Information: A History, a Theory, a Flood.)
  • Ballet. I am thinking a lot about ballet. More on this later, perhaps. (I am thinking about Apollo’s Angels, about how I hate most forms of exercise, about how flexibility is something I only possess in my dreams.)
  • Best movie I have seen in quite a while: Rust and Bone, dir. Jacques Audiard. Guion and I saw this at the Virginia Film Festival and we were equally floored by it. Highly recommended. (Because, really, Marion Cotillard can do no wrong.)
  • Men look best in fall clothes.
  • I need to say “no” more often and not feel guilty about it.
  • The dog has become very pushy lately. She’s one of the ones I need to say “no” to more often. (But look at that face!)

Man the food-gatherer reappears incongruously as information-gatherer. In this role, electronic man is no less a nomad than his paleolithic ancestors. — Marshall McLuhan

2 thoughts on “A few thoughts

  1. I think the best advice I ever received from a professor during my first year of university was to look words up, and explore dictionaries. Words are such wonderful, amazing things.

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