2013 goals

Self, how did you do with your 2012 goals? I’d say… meh.

  1. Adopt, raise, and train a healthy and happy dog. (Done!)
  2. Keep running, even though I hate it. (Not really. I ran the 10-miler and that was IT.)
  3. Read 75 books. (Yesh. Read 142 books in 2012.)
  4. Stop interrupting people when they are talking. (Maybe? I have at least been more cognizant of this bad habit of mine.)
  5. Take the GRE. Start thinking more seriously about whether to go to grad school. (Nope.)
  6. Go hiking more often. (Not really.)
  7. Make books of all received letters; get them out of those musty shoeboxes. (Done!)
  8. Dress better; stop schlepping around in frumpy clothes. (Maybe?)
  9. Memorize scripture. (Didn’t.)
  10. Call my family more often. (Maybe.)
  11. Read that book of Japanese short stories in Japanese. (I read one of them?)
  12. Take a graduate-level English class at UVA, if feasible. (Nope.)
  13. Improve my calligraphy skills with the flexible nib. (Maybe.)
  14. Spend more time with women. (Yes!)

On that dismal note, here are my goals for the coming year.

2013 Goals

  1. Read 75 books.
  2. Read fewer books at a time; dare to re-read some things; concentrate on worthwhile tomes.
  3. Accordingly, read Infinite Jest.
  4. Also, finish Proust.
  5. Take an adult ballet class, even if it kills me.
  6. Take a personal finance class.
  7. Take the Claritas investment fundamentals exam and don’t fail. I think I will fail.
  8. Read the Bible every week.
  9. Train Pyrrha to be more comfortable around small children. (Accordingly, here are Pyrrha’s 2013 goals.)
  10. Wear pants less often.

What are some of your resolutions for the coming year?

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