Over the holiday

The tree

We spent a peaceful holiday week-and-a-half with our respective families in North Carolina; it was difficult to come back home. We do love them so much.

There was dear brother Win:

Win on Christmas morning

And general family merriment at my grandparents’:

Sam on Christmas morning

Present time

Dear Da-Dan

I was able to spend an afternoon with Emily in Asheville before she flew back to Amman, which was a wonderful gift in itself:

Asheville with Emily

Far-flung friends

Plenty of lounging occurred.

Holiday lounging

Box makes a nice bed

Enjoying her cow ear by the fire

And there was the presentation of this year’s Christmas miracle: “Ziggy + Seahorse,” an original by Grace Farson, which we are excited to prominently display in our home.

Ready for the unveiling

Ziggy + Seahorse

An ideal vacation, an ideal way to close 2012 and welcome 2013. Hope you all had equally enjoyable holidays.

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