Why I don’t write much about my faith

Here’s the thing.

I used to write more about Christianity on this blog and on my previous blogs. I think my mom wishes I wrote more about it (and less about women’s rights in the context of the church, probably). I understand where she’s coming from. You write about what you care about, so if I’m not writing about God, it may lead one to the conclusion that I don’t care much about God.

This is not true. I’ve just made the decision not to write much about Christianity in this space. Here are a few reasons why.

  • As my readership has gradually expanded beyond my blood relatives, I am not writing to a homogenous Christian audience anymore.
  • Expressing opinions about God is a sure-fire way to attract conflict. I am really, really weary of people arguing about Christianity on the Internet. I’d prefer that that didn’t happen here, as much as it lies within my control.
  • I’d rather have an in-person conversation with you about God than read comments about my poorly expressed beliefs on my blog.

Rest assured, I am not done with Jesus. I still talk about and to him on a regular basis. I’d just prefer not to do it here. That’s all.

One thought on “Why I don’t write much about my faith

  1. This might be a terrible analogy, but it’s what came to mind.

    I know with my blog, I write about various things, but I rarely write about the VERY most important things to me, or those that are the most personal and close to my heart. Kind of like, when people say that porn stars will do everything but kiss in a porno…there are some things that are left out of the blog because they are sacred. It doesn’t make it any less important to you. = )

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