Visit from Kelsey and Alex

Love my sister and bro: Kels and Alex came to stay with us this weekend, with the intention of camping, which was downgraded to hiking, which was further downgraded to just “a walk on the Rivanna Trail.” Not complaining: We had the perfect peaceful weekend with them, and we even got to eat the first meal from the long-awaited cob oven. As you can see, they are an exquisite couple, and we were so pleased to have them. It is so nice to have such beloved family so close by.

So in love, these two. #younglove #siblings

Weekend with Kelsey and Alex

Stumbled on a herd of deer
Young deer, seen from the trail.
Watching the deer
Pyrrha contemplates running after the deer.

Weekend with Kelsey and Alex

Intrepid "hikers"
Intrepid “hikers.”
Firing up the cob oven for the first time. #coboven #backyardliving
Firing up the oven.

Looking for her lover

Crazy sky tonight. #lazydog #summersky #backyardliving

Sky after the rain. #backyardliving #summersky

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