A weekend with Jonathan

Had such a wonderful, lazy, relaxing weekend with Jonathan while Guion was out of town.

Jonathan explains Korean food at the Japanese restaurant last night. #lovehim #sushi
Sushi at Ten.


  • Had excellent sushi at Ten
  • Walked the dog
  • Drank lots of tea and talked
  • Loaded up on Trader Joe’s snacks
  • Watched episodes of “Will and Grace,” the film The Third Man, and copious amounts of K-Pop music videos/the K-Pop equivalent of MTV, which was extremely fascinating
  • Bought plants at Fifth Season and generally geeked out about them
  • Were lucky enough to grab dinner at Mas with Sean, our favorite fashion blogger
  • Laughed, cried
So proud of his #succulents right now. #latergram
Helicopter mom-ing his succulents.

Thankful for him and his many years of friendship.

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