Gaining a sister

This weekend, we were so thrilled to celebrate Win and Tracy’s wedding!

I didn’t take my big-girl camera, so these are the few phone shots I got from the weekend, but rest assured that it was a very joyful and exciting occasion. We are so happy for Win and Tracy!

Beautiful day for a wedding! #tracyftwin
Saint Mary’s Chapel.
Rehearsal time! #tracyftwin
Rehearsal madness.
Rehearsal #tracyftwin
Men during rehearsal.
Wedding ready! #firstselfie #wildhair
Took a big hair risk.
Hello there, Pratt men! #weddingday #tracyftwin
Sneaking up on the Pratt men.
Love them!! #tracyftwin
The newly minted couple!

5 thoughts on “Gaining a sister

    1. We really missed you all, Allison! Looking forward to seeing you all in May (hopefully?) for Katie and Ben’s wedding! And thanks for the dress compliment; it’s from Anthropologie.

  1. haha- all 4 of us are in the wedding in May- so you won’t be able to miss us (and the craziness that will probably occur with a almost 4 and 2 year old front and center). phew. i’m already tired 🙂 it’ll be fun though 🙂

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