House updates, and Gran

Little things we’ve done lately around the house…

Hung old curtains in the living room and removed all of the mini-blinds:

Curtains hung in living room

Curtains hung in living room

(A subtle change, surely, but here’s the before.)

Curtains hung in living room

Painted my studio white (be gone, cream):

Studio is now white

Studio is now white

Painting the studio was emotionally hard. My beloved Gran had a stroke on Saturday, and the prognosis is not good/confusing. I’ve been crying a lot lately, and it’s somehow easier to write it here and not see your faces. If you are the praying type, please pray for her and for my family. Our hearts are raw.

I say that we painted the studio in her honor, because she’s the Patron Saint of Painting. The family says she’s painted everything in her cottage. Just a week ago, she was doling out painting and home decor wisdom to me on the phone (she was totally right about our mistake of using latex instead of oil-based paint for the ceramic tile). She also identified — BY SIGHT — the exact shade and brand of the gray paint we used in the kitchen and dining room (Benjamin Moore Gray Owl). She’s amazing. She’s all I can think about lately.

2 thoughts on “House updates, and Gran

  1. Of course our prayers go out to you and your family – your gran in particular… Christmas isn’t only a time of celebrations, way too much food and presents; it is also a time of hope and spending time with the ones you love. Sending loads of positive energy your way!

    By the way – even though the changes to the house may be quite subtle, they do make a difference! It’s looking good!

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