Thankful for

Today I am thankful for…
Orchid re-blooms. #orchidpride #houseplantfever

  • Orchid no. 2 re-blooming.

So seductive. #ediebaby #germanshepherd

  • This dog, who makes me laugh.

Date night

  • Date nights with Guion.
  • The fact that English is not a gendered (e.g., romance) language. This makes it a lot easier to be simultaneously politically and grammatically correct.
  • Time to revisit Virginia Woolf (currently re-reading A Haunted House, a tiny collection of short stories).
  • Family group texts.
  • All the money my parents put into my teeth, so that I wouldn’t have to have the smile I was born with, which would have resembled that of a medieval kitchen wench from the British Isles.
  • Weekends with weather that resembles late spring.
  • A kitchen that is a joy (instead of a biohazard) to keep clean.
  • Electric kettles.
  • My calligraphy studio. Such peace in my Room of My Own.
  • Wearing a skirt without heavy tights.
  • Friends who still ask me to do things with them, even though I’ve been neglectful of them for months.
  • How sassy Jesus is in the Gospels.
  • A pen pal who got surprise-married in the snow.
  • Men who identify as feminists.
  • This weird organic face serum (mostly water, aloe vera, and coconut oil) that has made my skin look clearer and better than it has in years.
  • America. No, really, I am.
  • Seeing that your dog (in this case, Pyrrha) loves you for more than just being the Giver of Food.
  • Tea.
  • A great university education.
  • Our church.

What are you thankful for today?

6 thoughts on “Thankful for

  1. Oh, my! That orchid is beautiful.

    I’m thankful for my best friend from high school from whom I received a long, hand-written letter today; lap swimming; warm weather and daffodils blooming; Matthew and Kailie’s wedding coming up in May; my design wall which is currently filled with pieces of three large quilt projects; the way our church family rallies around people with complicated needs; chickadees; chats with my neighbors; afternoon sun across the hardwood floors downstairs; a clean car; the freedom to stay 4 weeks with my daughter after the birth of grandchild #2; quiet healthy dinners with Coty; and I join you in being thankful for my electric kettle and tea! Time for a cup now.

    Did you make the weird organic serum?

      1. Thanks for that link, Abby. I may have to check that out.

        Someone told me once that thanksgiving an eternal lifestyle, not an annual holiday. It was a kick in the pants that made me wake up and notice all the things around me, all the beauty, all the gifts of grace even in the midst of the messiest of situations, that I had not noticed or simply ignored. I started to looking more. I’ve also always remembered a passage from Pilgrim at Tinker Creek where Dillard describes the game of hiding a penny. Do you know that passage? I don’t remember it exactly, but the summation of it was that there are gifts all around us like pennies hidden in unexpected places. And then there’s Philippians 4:8!

        Hope you enjoy the coming of spring to Charlottesville in your new home.

  2. Thankful for you, your graciousness, your gift for writing, your strength, and your BEAUTY! 🙂 The Bubba sends his love!

  3. Also, gratitude from today: 1) For the random wild Florida fowl that endlessly entertains me (noteworthy today were the MATING falcons on the top of a tree) 2) For the beautiful combo of oud, choir, and organ I heard this morning in church 3) For hope when God somehow breaks it into your life 4) For coffee, oh always, for coffee 5) For a soccer team to banter with and enjoy with 6) For Bo’s ability to dig to China and his surprise-snuggles on thunderstormy nights 7) Also for non-medieval wench teeth 😉 8) For friendships that time and distance do not decay 9) For a feisty Red Fit to drive around in 10) For my wee foot, reminding me of how Jesus redeems and uses even the smallest things to draw us to Him.

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