Throwing rocks

When the cousins would go to the edge of the lake in our grandparents’ backyard, we would throw rocks from the gravel path into the water. The older cousins would yell at the younger cousins, “You can only throw the black rocks! You can’t throw the white rocks!” Because Da-Dan had reminded us that the white rocks were expensive to replace. After a few years, though, there were only white rocks left, and so we cheated a little, throwing rocks that were white-pink or white-red.

One thought on “Throwing rocks

  1. I a little bit wish that blogs had a “like” button or maybe smiley and frowney-face buttons. I don’t always have things to say in response to your posts, but they usually leave a strong enough reaction that I feel like I can’t just not respond at all. Anyway, this one made me smile.

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