2015 goals

Back in the saddle again. Happy new year! #calligraphy #moderncalligraphy #minimalism

It’s goal-setting time! I approach these resolutions loosely, as you can see from last year’s goals, with commentary in italics:

2014 Goals

  1. Read 100 books. Read 167.
  2. Read through the Bible in a year. Nope.
  3. Make exercise a regular part of my life. (Even if I can only walk for 30 minutes a day, do SOMETHING.) I don’t know about “regular,” but I spent more time walking and I felt better, having converted to a standing desk at work… does that count?
  4. Get strong. Do some kind of strength training? Hahahahaha.
  5. Buy a bike and use it to run errands around town or to get to work. No. I still should get a bike, though.
  6. Eat meat only once a week. (Excluding fish.) We didn’t do this faithfully every week, but I think we got pretty close.
  7. Keep a tidy, peaceful home. More or less, I think I accomplished this.
  8. Read at least three-fourths of each New Yorker issue I receive. Often.
  9. Be a better businesswoman, regarding my calligraphy studio. There are still many things to do to improve my business, but I felt like 2014 was a good year for Bluestocking Calligraphy.
  10. Continue weeding colors out of and cultivating a minimalistic wardrobe. I’ve made a lot of progress on this front, and I’m happy about how my wardrobe looks now. I don’t feel like I truly need anything. Except for those Everlane loafers…

This year, here are some simple things on my mind.

2015 Goals

  1. Read 120 books.
  2. Continue the pursuit of minimalism and eschewing clutter in my approach to our home and my wardrobe, specifically. I stumbled on the website Into Mind a few weeks ago, and I feel so radicalized by it.
  3. Invest in higher-quality and ethically made clothes and shoes. Stop buying cheap crap. Jump off the fast-fashion train.
  4. Style myself like a French woman, as much as it is within my power.
  5. Take either a Japanese or a French class, for credit. Maybe both, if I’m feeling extra-ambitious.
  6. Eat healthier lunches. I am wary of leftovers and I’m fundamentally lazy, so this means I’m usually eating Trader Joe’s frozen pasta lunches every other day. Which is pretty terrible. What do you health mavens eat for lunch?
  7. Figure out how to read the Bible for pleasure. In a related gesture, think more about the meaning of freedom in Christ.
  8. Practice morning prayer/meditation/timid yoga sessions at home on weekdays. I have the time to do this; I just don’t. Because, as I mentioned before, I am profoundly lazy. I’d like to spend more time in the Book of Common Prayer at home. And to pray with more sincerity/regularity.

What would you like to do in 2015?

5 thoughts on “2015 goals

  1. I love these goals. 120 books? That’s impressive!

    And I might steal the idea of reading the Bible for pleasure. I like that idea a lot more than trying to read the whole thing in a year. It makes it feel less like a chore. I love it.

  2. Women of the Torah by Stephen Binz is a fabulous resource that definitely led me into a solid ‘read the Bible for pleasure’ practice (and away from a ‘read the Bible because all good Christians should’ approach). It follows the lectio divina format and offers a good blend of intellectual/spiritual questioning and insightful commentary — I strongly recommend it.

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