Fashion lessons from Mom

Things my mother has said to me about clothes:

251/365“All white shoes are tacky.”

“We have to wear bohemian clothes, me and you, because of our curly hair. Do you know how bad we look in a polo shirt or a cable-knit sweater??”

“It cuts me!” (referring to the crotch region of uncomfortable jeans)

“Comfort matters a lot to me. A lot.”

“Well-made shoes are worth the investment. I’ve had these red snow boots since college, and I get compliments on them every time I wear them. I love them. You can’t have them.”

“Is this too matchy-matchy?”

“I’m cold. I’m always cold.” (explaining why she has so many cardigans)

Christmas 2013What are some of the things your mother has told you about clothes?

8 thoughts on “Fashion lessons from Mom

  1. Number one for sure, always uttered as I was walking out the door: “You’re wearing that?”

    My mom and I fought about clothes ALL the time when I was growing up. My clothes were always too dark, or too boring, or too wrinkled, or too casual, etc. for her, but starting around age seven or so I violently resisted her attempts to dress me. Now that I’m older, we have a much more peaceful relationship when it comes to fashion.

    Also, I just started “Women in Clothes” and I love it already.

  2. My mum would always complain about my ‘grungy edgy’ style..including ripped jeans! when i told her its the fashion she would simply reply with… celebrities tatter their clothes on purpose in a desperate attempt to not get noticed by paparazzi and suddenly the whole world decides that its ‘cool and trendy’ XD

  3. My mother used to tell me never to wear bulky jumpers as they made me look fat and gain kilos.
    I am not a Mum myself and I am onto my 8 year old daughter over wearing short shorts. She is very lean and in that sense can get away with it but we are trying to introduce the idea of modest dressing but it’s hard to have this conversation with someone who hasn’t had “the talk” yet.

  4. I like floral prints. My mom is always telling me that it looks like I’m wearing drapes. Apparently that’s the only place that a floral print belongs.
    She also asks if things are too “matchy-matchy”. That’s normally what she leans toward.

  5. Sadly, I can’t remember of much…
    She often complimented me on my creativity, she was proud of the way I played with the little I had.
    To be found of comfort.
    To mind my age, body type, and the weather.

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