Front yard, before and after

The (fuzzy) listing photo of our house, October 2013; when we saw it for the first time:


Front yard now, circa July 2015:

front yard, July 2015

Plants (and shutters!) make all the difference. I’m still scheming about how to improve the exterior. I desperately want a new front door (I can’t wait to toss that storm door), and I’d love to completely renovate the front stoop (get rid of that concrete and use slate slabs and beef up those skinny columns) and the old concrete front walk. So many plans, so few monies…

5 thoughts on “Front yard, before and after

  1. Abby & Guion, this looks amazing! I hope we’ll have an excuse to be down in Charlottesville again soon to see it in person. Absolutely lovely!

  2. I think it looks great. I don’t own my current home but I do take pride in the yard and I would be very happy with your yard I think it looks really nice.And it always amazes me how fresh paint and a few cosmetic changes truly is a totally different look

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